"The Walking Dead" won't return to screens for another three months, but the trolling is already in full swing. The Season 8 trailer just debuted at Comic-Con, leaving fans wondering what was the deal with the end scene, showing an older, injured Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

The trailer showed a cane, and some flowers, and the set-up was intentionally reminiscent of the pilot episode, where Rick woke up from his coma and entered the zombie/walker apocalypse. Well, AMC and The Powers That Be are trying to send fans down that road -- thinking maybe Rick is still in his coma and the entire show was a dream -- but don't be fooled.

The scene is probably the start of a new chapter in the comic book called "A New Beginning." But -- just to be safe -- it *could* be a dream sequence, with Rick dreaming he had just woken from the coma to a regular life. It also *could* be a flash-forward to a more distant future, as Rick is about to die. It's not out of the question for the producers to want to throw a curveball, to trick both TV and comic book fans at the same time. But still...

*Comic book spoilers ahead*

It's much more likely that we just saw our first glimpse of Old Man Rick from Robert Kirkman's comic book. After All Out War, Rick heads into A New Beginning, with a very different look. The time jump is only two years, but in the trailer Rick looks older than that, possibly to make the passage of time and changes more distinct. In the All Out War of Negan vs. Rick, Rick is injured, with Negan breaking his leg, and that's probably why the trailer shows a cane next to Rick's bed.

Fans shared their theories after the trailer dropped, from comic fans expecting "A New Beginning" to TV fans poking fun of Old Rick's look:

"The Walking Dead" Season 8 premieres Sunday, October 22 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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