You didn't think we were done with Jo's ex, did you? "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 is now taping for its September 28 return, and Matthew Morrison recently confirmed that he will be back as Dr. Paul Stadler.

As you'll recall, Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) tracked Stadler down toward the end of Season 13, although he didn't confront Jo's husband or do much of anything but imagine different scenarios. The whole Jolex story was left up-in-the-air at the end of Season 13, but it definitely felt like there was unfinished business with Stadler.

In a new interview with The Argonaut, to promote a concert in Marina del Ray, Morrison talked about "Glee," then answered the question, "What do you see as your next act?":

"It's been a crazy ride since the show. I have a big role in 'Grey's Anatomy' coming up. I'm shooting this fantastic movie in China. I'm doing concerts all over the world. I just stared a business called Sherpapa because I'm going to be a new dad."

All of that sounds great, but as "Grey's" fans we're bookmarking his statement about "a big role." Morrison only appeared in Season 13, Episode 23, "True Colors," in May, so this suggests he'll be in more than one episode. Maybe Jo will file for divorce, so she and Alex can get married? Or maybe she'll be angry with Alex for tracking her husband down, since she just wanted to disappear, change her name, and never see Paul Stadler again.

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 premieres September 28 on ABC. In case you missed it, Owen's sister has been recast, and you can expect more "drama, drama, drama" from Japril and "Jaggie."

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