This "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff is becoming legen-wait for it-dary for how long it's taking to come together. It may actually take as long as Ted's story about how he met their mother. But Deadline says The Powers That Be are starting over again, now looking for new writers to come up with a new spinoff idea, potentially to be fast-tracked for next year.

UPDATE: According to Deadline, Allison Bennett (FX's "You're the Worst") has been hired to write the spinoff, which will again be called "How I Met Your Father."

Back to original post:

Last we heard, after a previous spinoff didn't pan out, two "This Is Us" co-executive producers were tapped to write a new spinoff called "How I Met Your Father." That previous report, also from Deadline, was posted in December 2016. Now it's August 2017 and the "This Is Us" producers are no longer available.

So 20th Century Fox chairman Dana Walden told Deadline, "the studio will try (developing a spinoff) with different writers." They are currently seeking those writers, who "will be starting from scratch" with no previous ideas carrying over. They're serious about the spinoff, though, which could potentially air next season. "It's one that's been slowly cooked. If it's the right idea the right execution, we'll take that."

"How I Met Your Mother" ran from 2005 to 2014 on CBS. So it will have been off the air for at least four years by the time this potential spinoff arrives. But 'tis the season for reboots, revivals, and sequels to existing properties (since original series seem to be canceled as quickly as they arrived) and if they find the right idea with the right cast, it just might work. Or it could suck. Or it could not happen at all. This is Hollywood. All options are still on the table.

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