ENTERTAINMENT-US-TELEVISION-CBS-TCAThere's nothing like one of the stars of "Friends" taking us on a walk down memory lane.

Fans got just that when Matt LeBlanc sat down this week with Jimmy Kimmel. The actor shared a number of gems -- including the fact that he's been asked if he's "Joey's dad" -- but the best one was the story of how he dislocated his shoulder while shooting "The One Where No One's Ready." Painful as the experience sounds, it made for quite the funny story, especially as LeBlanc told it.

The injury happened in what should have been a simple scene: LeBlanc, in character as Joey, was trying to jump into a chair before Chandler (Matthew Perry) could. Unfortunately, as he was in mid-air, he realized he was going to land on his head and had to put out an arm to break his fall. The awkward landing "just exploded [his] shoulder," causing a nasty dislocation.

LeBlanc managed to get backstage, but he became extremely confused when he saw "ER" star Anthony Edwards there. The actor had come over from the neighboring set, but his presence made LeBlanc confused. He told Kimmel he knew Edwards wasn't a real doctor, but apparently it was still jarring to see him there after a serious injury.

Watch more of the hilarious interview below.

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