us-entertainment-tony-awards-arrivals-theatre-award"Pitch Perfect 3" isn't due to hit theaters until later this year, but that hasn't stopped star Anna Kendrick from talking about the franchise's (potential) future.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kendrick chatted about all the fun the sprawling cast has had getting back together again to shoot the threequel, telling the magazine, "It's totally like summer camp." And Kendrick says's she's definitely on board for more adventures with the Bellas should studio Universal want to make "Pitch Perfect 4."

Kendrick responded with an enthusiastic "Hell, yeah!" when asked by EW whether or not she'd sign on for another sequel in the series.

"We'd do them forever," the actress told the magazine.

Of course, "PP3" is being marketed with language like "last call" and "farewell tour," which certainly seems to indicate that the series will wrap after the flick is released. And based on what Kendrick and new director Trish Sie told EW about "Pitch Perfect 3" -- which picks up with the Bellas post-college, all in various states of disarray in their lives -- it sounds like the flick may truly be the perfect swan song for the series. Then again, the second movie was such a huge, surprising hit that it spawned an unlikely franchise; Universal may want to keep the lucrative series singing for as long as possible.

Before we bet on "PP4," we'll have to see how "Pitch Perfect 3" performs. The film makes its debut on December 22.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]