Have you ever had cape envy while watching HBO fantasy epic "Game of Thrones"? Well, Ikea is here to help you achieve your faux fur-wearing dreams.

It was recently revealed that the luxurious fur capes that Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and others sport on "Thrones" are actually rugs that the show's costume designer, Michele Clapton, bought from Ikea. As Clapton explained in a talk last year -- which only just went viral earlier this month -- she and the rest of the costume team then cut them up, shaved some of them, added straps, and dyed, distressed, and aged them to make them look more worn.

Taking a cue from Clapton's comments, Ikea decided to bring the show's process straight to the people, with its Norwegian Facebook page releasing instructions on how to make a Jon Snow-style cape from one of its rugs. After all, as the caption notes, "Summer is almost over, winter is coming."

The process seems simple enough (take rug, cut hole, place over head), and we're totally charmed by the illustration depicting a victorious cape creator transformed into a mini Jon Snow, down to the tousled mane, facial hair, sword, and falling snowflakes. Looks like we need to make an Ikea run before watching next week's episode.

[via: Ikea Norway, h/t io9]