ENTERTAINMENT-US-CINEMA-SNATCHEDLike many of us regular humans, "Judge Judy." The difference? She does it in person.

Fans watching the courtroom show from home recently noticed the comedian's familiar face in the audience. Naturally, that meant they had to share the news in the one place that would appreciate it the most: Twitter. The most common reaction seemed to be confusion; so many people felt compelled to ask why Amy Schumer was on "Judge Judy."

See for yourself.

Still other people were just as surprised, with many finding it hilarious to see Schumer sitting among the audience.

Schumer, as it happens, is a big fan of the show. After the hullabaloo Thursday, she posted a photo on Instagram of herself at the taping and clarified that she and her sister love the TV judge.

"Hell yeah! You know I was in the audience on #judgejudy," she wrote. "My sister and I sat in on the cases for the day because we love her!!!!!"

The cases Schumer and her sister watched were shot a few months ago. On May 9, Schumer posted an video on Instagram showing her in Judge Judy's seat, along with a couple more images of her having fun in the courtroom. She included the hashtag "#dreams," indicating what a fun experience it was for her.

No look pass from @byrdthebailiff #dreams

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So, there you have it: Amy Schumer loves "Judge Judy" at least as much as -- if not more than -- the rest of us.