"Game of Thrones" Season 7, Episode 7 will be a record 80 minutes long, but there won't be time for another epic battle.

Season 7 already offered an embarrassment of riches in "The Spoils of War" Loot Train Attack, not to mention the White Walker adventures "Beyond the Wall" in Episode 6.

Episode 6 aired Sunday, Aug. 20 (and earlier for those who watched HBO's accidental leak), with Episode 7 being the final episode of the season (already!) airing Sunday, Aug. 27.

Before Episode 6 aired, an unspoiled fan asked Entertainment Weekly for scoop on what's ahead in the penultimate and finale episodes, and here's the response:

Do you know anything about the final two episodes of Game of Thrones this season? — Baez

I hear we get the last major battle scene of the season this Sunday, with Jon Snow's north of the wall adventure, which you have to figure not everyone will survive. Also, Ayra and Sansa's tension goes to a new level.

Since this is a seven-episode season, Episode 6 is basically the Episode 9 of a normal season. And Episode 9 was always the one to watch. That's when we got "Baelor," "Blackwater," and "Battle of the Bastards," just to name three landmark penultimate episodes.

But this mini finale spoiler suggests Episode 7 will concern itself with other things, covering the fallout of what happened in "Beyond the Wall," and visiting Cersei Lannister to convince her to send help to fight the White Walkers. Then we'll be left hanging until Season 8, the final season, reportedly starts filming in October for a premiere date either in 2018 (please) or 2019 (noooo).

The Episode 6 title was only revealed a couple of days ago with the first batch of photos. (The second batch, including 20 more, just came out.) So we're expecting the Episode 7 finale to stay as secretive as possible ... which means it'll leak any day now, even if HBO doesn't officially release any details until a few days before the August 27 finale.

For now, keep watching the season finale promo for clues. Episode 7 airs Sunday, Aug. 27 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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