Nicky Zimmermann And Margot Robbie Host Intimate Dinner To Celebrate The Launch Of The Zimmermann London Flagship Store OpeningMargot Robbie is proving once again that she's a chameleon, with the actress looking unrecognizable as she gears up to play another iconic figure.

New set photos from Robbie's latest flick, "Mary Queen of Scots," surfaced this week, in which Robbie can be seen in character as Queen Elizabeth I. The film chronicles the life of the titular 16th century Scottish ruler, played by Saoirse Ronan, and her unsuccessful attempt to assassinate her cousin Elizabeth and assume her throne.

While Ronan is the star, we can't help but think that Robbie will make a bigger splash, based solely on her incredible transformation. With her shock of red hair, receding hairline, and pale complexion, the actress certainly looks more like the English monarch than herself.

According to People, that striking look is in keeping with what's known about Elizabeth I's appearance, right down to the marks on her skin. As People explains, the ruler "reportedly had a pock-marked face due to smallpox, which she covered with dangerous white makeup that did further damage to her skin."

Like she did previously with her portrayal of disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding -- for which she donned extra padding and some intense late '80s/early '90s fashions -- Robbie has thrown vanity out the window for the part, and we're once again impressed by her adherence to historical accuracy. If the flick is half as good as its makeup and hair department, audiences are in for a treat.

"Mary Queen of Scots" is in production in England now. It's due in theaters sometime in 2018.

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