If someone out there has a master plan balancing Warner Bros. and DC's various Joker ideas, it's not Jared Leto. The "Suicide Squad" star recently talked to ODE about the new projects, basically admitting he's as confused as anyone.

There's a new Joker origin story in the works, with Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly the one they want to cast, that would not be part of the current DC Extended Universe. Then there's a special spinoff film following Joker and Harley Quinn that would be part of the DCEU, bringing back Jared Leto and Margot Robbie.

The ODE reporter asked Leto for a status update.

Reporter Melissa Nathoo: "I'm a bit confused with what's going on with the DC universe at the moment. Because there's a new Joker film being made but you're not going to be part of that. But you're going to be part of the Joker and Harley Quinn spinoff people are talking about?"

Jared Leto: "I think so. I'm a little confused too, but yeah, there are a couple of things happening in the DC world. I love the Joker, he's a great character, a really fun character to play. But it's a big universe and when you play the Joker, there's no ownership there. You have the honor of, like, holding the baton for a little while and then passing it off. But there are other films in development and I'm excited to see what comes from them."

The recently announced Joker origin film is meant to be part of a banner separate from the DCEU "in which WB can expand the canon of DC properties and create unique storylines with different actors playing the iconic characters."

But Leto is still expected to be part of "Suicide Squad 2," which is part of the DCEU and now officially has "The Accountant" director Gavin O'Connor attached to write and direct.

Stay tuned for more updates on filming and premiere dates ... depending on which projects actually move forward.[via: Variety]

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