UPDATE: Well, I was wrong about who would win "Big Brother 19" *and* who would win AFP, but dagnabbit I was right about the final 3 for AFP. It did come down to Cody, Kevin, and Jason. But instead of Kevin, as I predicted, the win went to Cody! He said it didn't make sense for him to win the $25,000, but fans -- led by his Jody showmance-mater Jessica -- voted hard for him. Julie Chen said a record number of AFP votes came in.

Congrats to the three finalists!

Original post:

It's almost over! After tonight's special Friday show, there is only one episode left to "Big Brother 19."

Paul Abrahamian just won Part 1 of the Final Head of Household competition, as expected, so all he has to do is win one more comp and he will almost certainly win the $500,000. (He *could* still lose, though.) Paul wants to get to the end with Josh Martinez, and if that happens, they are out of the running for America's Favorite Houseguest/Player. Not that they would be top options.

It looks like AFP is going to come down to Kevin Schlehuber, followed most likely by Cody Nickson and ... Jason Dent? Mark Jansen?

Alex Ow was openly asking for AFP but after slavishly following Paul, and pushing Jason to do the same, she's probably out of the running. But the show never aired her bullying of Kevin, just like it never aired Paul, Christmas Abbott, and company planning to question Cody's military service to get him to snap. And it also never aired Jason's nasty "joke" about raping Kevin's wife and making his kids watch. However, TMZ did post about that joke, and got comment from Kevin's wife, and if that made its way to the casual TV-only viewers, they may take Jason off the AFP list.

But CBS worked hard to push Jason as BB19's answer to BB16's AFP winner Donny, showing us home segments and revealing his wife was pregnant with their second child. If TV-only fans just go by that, they may vote him into the top three AFP contenders.

Last night's jury segment showed Jason, Mark, and Elena Davies calling out Raven Walton for her delusional idea of being "Puppet Master" with Paul. Since AFP voting was timed around that segment, any one of those evicted HGs now "woke" to Paul's game (and anti-Raven) could be the third AFP nominee.

But this is most likely to be Kevin vs. Cody. Kevin just had a classy exit from the show, looking dapper and making his typical adorable Dad Jokes, this time about being on the block so many times he felt like a New Kid. (Ba dum dum.)

Kevin will probably win AFP because he is the kind of lovable underdog BB voters tend to go for -- a loyal nice guy who is not that great at the game. Sure, there are videos out there showing some of the not-nice things Kevin said in the house, because he too is not exactly a saint. He wasn't as nasty as most of Paul's minions ... but he was still a Paul minion, loyal to the end. He too would've been happy to lose to Paul.

That's one of the strongest arguments for Cody to win AFP. Cody was not a minion. Quite the opposite. Not only was the first to want to take out Paul, targeting him for most of his time in the game, Paul can't stand Cody. Cody winning AFP would drive Paul nuts. It would be the one time Paul did not get his way. That would be beautiful.

Cody wanted to backdoor Paul in Week 1. He lost his allies over that, except for Jessica Graf, who is now pushing for Cody to win AFP. Cody's former allies are now showing up in the jury house after him, one by one mentioning that Paul is running the game -- as if that's breaking news. No wonder he wants to leave the house! Some fans said his attitude should lose him AFP -- seeing his statement that he doesn't care as disrespect of the game. But no. He was the only one to respect the game enough to play it. Can't blame him for not wanting to speculate alongside the people who wanted NOTHING to do with him in the game, ignoring his passionate pleas to be on his side instead of evicting him. So now they want to open up and get his opinion? Why should he care who comes to jury next?

Personality wise, Cody is Kevin's opposite. Kevin is a charming motor-mouth, and Cody likes to stare. Intensely. Kevin had a light-hearted exit, and Cody walked out across the table, in one of the highlights of the season (at least from here).

Cody has been called out for his own problematic statements -- saying something about wanting to go to the Ferguson riots to see if he'd survive, making transphobic comments, and calling Josh fat, among other things. Kevin has said nasty things too, but Cody has probably said more. But Cody has talked more truth about everyone, and tried hard to win the game. He wasn't one of the greatest gamers -- and he ended up leaving the game after he failed to properly lose a comp -- but he was miles better than Kevin.

Kevin never won a single comp, and didn't even seem to try. If Paul told him to throw the comp, he'd throw it. He didn't strategize, other than to hint to Jason that "the house" was gunning for him. Plus, Kevin won $25,000 right in Week 1. If he wins AFP he'll have won more than the second place HG. Considering how little Kevin actually did in the game, some fans think he's already been given enough money.

Both Kevin and Paul ended up being attacked by most of Paul's minions, which is part of why they are now the top choices to win AFP. This has not been a popular season to many BB viewers; those fans have been frustrated with The Paul Show, and the spirit of isolating and attacking targets that Paul inspired. So which target will be awarded the $25K?

We'll find out on Wednesday, Sept. 20 ... right after we see either Paul or Josh win the $500K. Vote for AFP over here.

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