Will "Twin Peaks: The Return" ... return again?

Showtime's 18-episode third season of the bizarre thriller drew critical raves, though seemingly modest ratings. But the cult fave rose from the dead once, so could it happen again?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator David Lynch didn't rule it out. But he also admitted that Showtime hasn't approached him about writing another season.

"No, we haven't talked. The thing just finished!" he said.

Season 3 ended with — SPOILERS AHEAD — Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) traveling back in time to try to save Laura Palmer and ending up in a different timeline, where he also couldn't save her. The finale ended on a deliberately ambiguous note.

"Some things came to a conclusion. And some things dangled out there," Lynch teased.

If Showtime does order another season, though, fans will have to wait.

"Even if there was more, it would be four years from now before anyone would see it," he said. "We'll just have to wait and see."