"Dynasty" -- just as his character, Adam, did three decades ago.

Thomson weighed in on the reboot during a Daily Beast interview in which he let the harsh criticism fly. To say that he is unimpressed that the show is being rebooted is an understatement. The actor went so far as to call the CW's version "an abomination" and claim it would have executive producer Aaron Spelling "having major fits in his grave."

"I have had a look at the new 'Dynasty' and I am appalled," he told The Daily Beast. "What the f--k is the CW doing? It's utter s--t."

Thomson clearly isn't one to mince words (in the same interview, he referred to his father as "an absolute dishonorable c--t"). However, his frustration, in part, stems from the fact that the original series has been remade rather than continued. Again not pulling punches, Thomson called it "insulting" and said he wouldn't want to appear in the reboot if asked.

To be fair, it wouldn't make sense to bring him back in his original role anyway. The new versions of the focal "Dynasty" family, the Carringtons, are played by actors closer in age to the original stars at the time the series premiered in 1981. Furthermore, Adam is not currently expected to be part of the show, though that could always change.

Viewers will have their chance to decide what they think of the CW's "Dynasty" when it premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

[via: The Daily Beast]