21st Annual Hollywood Film Awards - ShowIt's always fun to find out that a celebrity is just as much of a fangirl as the rest of us, and that's what attendees of the Hollywood Film Awards discovered this weekend when Kate Winslet revealed a major soft spot for Allison Janney. Unlike the rest of us, however, Winslet was in a position to actually do something about her devotion, and ended up briefly locking lips with Janney at the event.

Winslet was honored with the Hollywood Actress Award on Sunday night thanks to her work in "Wonder Wheel." While giving her acceptance speech, the actress said she was constantly inspired by the work of her fellow actors, including those who were also awarded by the HFA, calling out Janney (who claimed the Supporting Actress prize for "I, Tonya") specifically.

"Allison, I know I don't really know you, but I just want to be you. ... Or just stroke you or something," Winslet gushed. "I mean, we could always kiss, maybe?"

The camera cut to a laughing Janney in the crowd, who looked absolutely delighted by Winslet's declaration, and promptly popped out of her seat at the suggestion that the pair share a smooch. Janney made her way to the stage, where she planted a quick kiss on Winslet's lips, before embracing the actress and heading back to her seat.

"Thank you very much!" cried a clearly giddy Winslet after Janney sat down. "Now I'm a little bit breathless."

We are, too. And we can't blame Winslet for seizing the moment. We'd do just about anything for C.J. Cregg, too.

[via: Hollywood Film Awards/Twitter]