ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy' - Season ThirteenIf news of the "Grey's Anatomy" firefighter spinoff has left you scared for the future of Ben and Bailey's relationship, your concern is not misplaced.

Jason George recently chatted with Variety about Ben's future, and in doing so, he touched on his character's relationship with Bailey (Chandra Wilson). Unfortunately, he didn't paint the most optimistic picture. Despite previously speculating that the two will be able to stay together beyond Ben's time at Grey Sloan, George has now hinted that there is trouble ahead for the couple.

"I love testing the Ben and Bailey relationship, so we'll see if it breaks, if this is the straw that breaks that back," he told Variety.

Seeing "if it breaks" sounds pretty worrisome, but at the same time, it makes sense that there would be new challenges now that George is making his latest career change. George pointed out that firefighters work 24-hour shifts, so between his crazy schedule and Bailey's, plus all the stress they face at work, we could see where things would get rough for them.

Still, after all "Grey's Anatomy" has put fans through, don't we deserve nice things?

The firefighter spinoff is shooting now, but neither a premiere date nor even a title have been revealed.

[via: Variety]