"Westworld" is re-opening sooner than expected.

The sci-fi drama premiered on HBO in October 2016 to acclaim, going on to earn 22 Emmy nominations. A second season was immediately ordered, but creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy were very up front that it would not be completed until 2018.

Many fans and industry observers believed HBO would debut Season 2 again in the fall, but star Evan Rachel Wood revealed that the park is coming back to life in the spring:

It looks like "Westworld" is taking the prestige Sunday night spring slot from "Game of Thrones," which generally premiered in April — until its most recent, seventh season, which debuted this past July. The latter show's final season will require even more intensive production and will likely not air until 2019 (perhaps retaking its spring slot).

Wood's news indicates that a recent halt in "Westworld" filming, due to a medical emergency, won't affect the production's timeline.

Not much is known about Season 2's plot. Nolan and Joy have teased the introduction of other "worlds," and one casting notice appeared to confirm the finale's brief glimpse of Samurai World. Jimmi Simpson, who plays William aka the young Man in Black, will return, as will Ben Barnes as Logan.