US-ENTERTAINMENT-BALL-CHARITY-ASPCA"Friends" is somehow always relevant.

Lucy Hale recently did a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan, and she found herself channeling a character from the iconic sitcom. With her dark bob and the brown plaid pantsuit a stylist put her in, the "Pretty Little Liars" alum looked like she would have fit in at Central Perk. Even Hale thought so, as she made clear in a tweet on Thursday.

"The most 'Monica Gellar' I will ever be," she wrote.

The outfit captured Monica's take-charge attitude, which is fitting considering Hale talked to the magazine about her own success, particularly her decision to star in "Pretty Little Liars." At the time she was considering signing on, she had also been offered a role in a project that had numerous promising elements, including a bigger names and a bigger studio behind it. She agonized over the decision before landing on "PLL."

"My gut just kept telling me to do 'Pretty Little Liars,'" she told Cosmo.

Monica would approve.

[via: Lucy Hale/Twitter]