In Future Man," he's recruited via video game to save the world, a la 'The Last Starfighter."

Which is a lot of fun in a "Back to the Future" kind of way. Except Marty McFly never had to fight his own clone. While nude!

The "Hunger Games" star told Josh Horowitz's Happy Sad Confused podcast, that in the episode (which is rated TV-MA), he was wearing a prosthetic, but the scene is still, um, revealing.

"There are barely limits — some prosthetics really push the limits," he joked. Here are some blurred stills via E! News, but the uncensored version is on Hulu.

Hutcherson explained he just "kind fell into" the often raunchy series, which is produced by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen.

"I was reading these hard-hitting, intense, indie, psychological dramas, and then this came along," he says. "This new era of TV is really amazing and fascinating, and you have a lot more freedom to go to crazy places. Just knowing the team behind it [was appealing], and for me, looking to do something original and interesting, I never really thought about wanting to do comedy or TV. It just kinda fell into me, or I fell into it."

Watch the trailer for the series below: