89th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsTrolls are everywhere, even in the audience of HBO's "Night of Too Many Stars."

"Daily Show" correspondents John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Samantha Bee. What was unexpected, though, was when Michael J. Fox jumped in to troll the host.

Colbert had gotten on stage and started reading mean tweets to Stewart when he read a particular gem.

"Oh, here we go. @RealMikeFox says, 'I'm bored," Colbert said.

"That's not a real... What the f--k?" Stewart said, suddenly realizing who @RealMikeFox is.

The camera then cut to the audience, where Fox sat with his phone in hand, looking entirely unapologetic. It was a great moment -- one the audience loved -- and was almost surely staged. Although the audience was shown a realistic-looking tweet, Fox's Twitter account doesn't show any evidence of the offending post. It seems the actor's trolling was solely for comedic purposes, which are really the best ones.

Watch the hilarious video below. Warning: It's NSFW.