There was so much to like in "Stranger Things" Season 2, but perhaps nothing more so than the one relationship we didn't even know we wanted to see.

"Stranger Things" Season 2 spoilers ahead.

The episodes introduced a bromance for the ages when Steve (Joe Keery) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) teamed up to deal with a stray pet-turned-monster situation. (Oh, Hawkins.) They soon bonded over baseball bats, bullies, and hair product, and before we knew it, their friendship was one of the most charming parts of Season 2. It even inspired tweets like the ones below.

Adorably, the two actors' onscreen friendship carries over into real life. While Keery appeared on "Megyn Kelly Today" on Wednesday, he indicated that he, too, loved their scenes together.

"That was probably one of my favorite parts of the season," Keery told Kelly of Steve and Dustin's friendship.

When Kelly then described it as "the thing that we never knew that we always wanted," Keery was quick to agree, saying he felt the same way.

Watch their exchange below, which also devotes ample time to his much-discussed hair.

"Stranger Things" Season 2 is available on Netflix.