Expect some good news, very soon. It's "*imminent*"!

"Black Mirror," essentially a modern technology-based "Twilight Zone," is one of the best series of our time. Season 4 is showing up soon. How soon? Aha. Netflix had previously just said 2017, so we expected "Black Mirror" on the list of new shows coming in December 2017. It wasn't on the list. So was it pushed to 2018? *Or* are they getting cute and teasing out the release date, possibly dropping the six episodes as a surprise in the next week? Please?

We already know the six episode titles, all written by boss Charlie Brooker. We've also seen the star-studded cast list. Fans have decoded the current pattern of poster and trailer releases -- first, a poster is promoted online; the next day, they release the trailer.

They did it for Jodie Foster's "Arkangel" first, and as of today (Nov. 30) they're up to "Hang the DJ":

The "Hang the DJ" trailer should be coming tomorrow. Then there are only two posters/trailers left to tease -- for "Metalhead" and "USS Callister."

Maybe? Close?

Charlie Brooker tweeted that Season 4's release is "*imminent*" so we're hoping it just drops from the Internet sky as a Christmas gift in the next week or so.

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