13th Annual ESPY Awards - ArrivalsIs this really, finally, happening?

The idea of a "Four Brothers" sequel is not new. Mark Wahlberg (who played Bobby Mercer) has said fans ask him about a follow-up to that 2005 movie all the time. But is a sequel actively moving forward right now, with a script almost complete?

Tyrese Gibson (Angel Mercer) took a break from "Fast and Furious" posts to share this "Four Brothers" update:

... but that headline is actually from a Hollywood Reporter story published in January 2010. Where is the new news?

So now some are questioning the validity of Tyrese's post. Maybe he's willing this movie to move forward quickly, because of his own financial need? Or maybe he has inside intel and he's just getting ahead of a more official announcement?

For reference, here's the start of that 2010 story:

"Paramount is developing a sequel to its 2005 thriller "Four Brothers," bringing back many of the creative team for "Five Brothers."

Mark Wahlberg eyeing a return to star and hatched the sequel idea with original writers David Elliot and Paul Lovett, who are writing "Five." Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is back to produce.

The 2005 movie, directed by John Singleton, revolved around four adopted brothers (Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund) who come together to avenge their mother's death in what at first appears to be a random robbery. Although not a massive hit, it still grossed a tidy $74 million in domestic boxoffice."

That report is almost eight-years-old, so we'll have to stay tuned to see if Paramount releases a new update on "Five Brothers" (if they still call it that). It is possible it has just taken a looooooong time to develop this sequel, and they really are close to filming.

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