Welcome to hell, Aer Lingus!

"Saturday Night Live" didn't have its best week on December 2, but it had a couple of standout sketches with its wonderful host, "Lady Bird" star Saoirse Ronan (pronounced SIR-shuh).

"SNL" couldn't resist going all-in on the actress' Irish background, including a stereotype-heavy sketch set on an Aer Lingus flight. There were naughty jokes, potato jokes, fiddle playing, and so many dogs running around. One dog ended up blocking the runway. "He's got sad eyes and the soul of Oscar Wilde. So we'll have to wait."

Watch the sketch:A lot of fans didn't quite get the jokes, but at least Aer Lingus had a sense of humor about it.

The airline went full Donald Trump with its Twitter response:

For reference:


Here are some other sketches from Ronan's show, including the Internet's new anti-sexual harassment anthem:Host James Franco is next, with musical guest SZA, on Saturday, Dec. 9 at 11:29 p.m. on NBC.

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