Talk about drama! Sight and Sound's annual critics poll of the best movies of the year has caused asome controversy for including "Twin Peaks: The Return."

BFI's annual survey polled 180 critics, programmers, and academics around the world. "Get Out" topped their list at No. 1. "Twin Peaks," "Call Me By Your Name," "Zama," and "Western" rounded out the top five, and other Oscar season contenders were further down the list, including "Dunkirk" and "The Florida Project" (tied at No. 9).

"Twin Peaks: The Return" was an 18-episode series that aired on Showtime and was a continuation of David Lynch and Mark Frost's iconic 1990 drama. It's been included on many TV critics' best-of lists. But to make a best movies list? Well, Lynch himself did refer to it as an 18-hour movie. But still, the move got Twitter a-twittering.