MoMA's The Contenders Screening of DEADPOOL With Ryan Reynolds"WTF?" or "Take my money!" Fans seem split on this decision.

According to The Hollywood Reporter -- but not yet announced by the studio Legendary -- Ryan Reynolds will star in the live-action Pokemon movie "Detective Pikachu." Reynolds will play the detective himself in what THR's source said is a motion-capture role.

Reynolds' casting follows Justice Smith of "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" and Kathryn Newton of "Big Little Lies."

But Ryan Reynolds? Deadpool is now Detective Pikachu?

Some fans are excited to see what Reynolds does with the character, other fans who really wanted Danny DeVito to voice the detective are upset, and several more people don't really know what to think:

You know it'll be awesome because everything Ryan Reynolds touches these days is gold. It's a bold choice, and that's a good thing. Probably.

According to THR, "Goosebumps" director Rob Letterman is directing the film, and they're due to start filming mid-January in London.

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