AFI FEST 2017 Presented By Audi - Screening Of 'The Disaster Artist' - ArrivalsSeth Rogen is getting serious again.

The actor has signed on to play iconic CBS anchor Walter Cronkite in "Newsflash," which follows the coverage of President John F. Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963. According to Deadline, Rogen is re-teaming with his "Pineapple Express" director, David Gordon Green.

"Newsflash," written by Ben Jacoby, recently landed on the 2017 Black List, an annual poll of the best un-produced scripts in Hollywood.

The movie chronicles how Cronkite became the most trusted newsman in the business. Other characters include producer Don Hewitt, boss Jacob Aubrey, and young field reporter Dan Rather. The story plays out in real time as CBS journalists scrambled to sift through incoming reports and rumors to deliver the truth to weeping viewers across the country.

Rogen has taken on dramatic roles before, like as Steve Wozniak in "Steve Jobs." The plan reportedly is to have the movie ready for release by next November, the 55th anniversary of JFK's death.