The Night King is responsible for all kinds of problems, not least of which apparently include the delay of "Game of Thrones" Blu-ray deliveries.

A U.K.-based fan known on Reddit as Daft_Dragon was entertained by Amazon and posted about it on Monday. The "Game of Thrones" aficionado shared an email that came from Amazon as an update on a Season 7 Blu-ray order. The message informed the customer that the package would arrive "one or two days later than expected" for an interesting reason: "adverse weather conditions caused by the arrival of the Night King."

[NO SPOILERS] It seems Amazon UK have a sense of humour when it comes to delivering Season 7 in the snowy conditions right now from gameofthrones

Daft_Dragon seemed to take the delay in stride, and instead of complaining, wrote that "it seems Amazon UK have a sense of humour about delivering Season 7 in the snowy conditions." We like that attitude. When winter comes, you just have to be glad to avoid White Walkers.

We reached out to Amazon UK and got confirmation that the email was a "genuine Amazon email." Alas, the message we got was not "Game of Thrones"-themed, too.

This post has been updated with Amazon's confirmation.

[via: Reddit; h/t: NME]