2017 ABC UpfrontThe holidays just got a little brighter for "Scrubs" fans: Zach Braff has stepped back into character for a unique gift.

The actor shared a video via Twitter Sunday in which he reprises his role as J.D. to deliver a final monologue written by a robot. He got his hands on it thanks to a group of people who programmed the robot to write a "Scrubs" episode. Evidently pleased with their work, Braff complied with their request to share it and decided to do so for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and any other holidays people might celebrate.

"It's kind of beautiful and brilliant in its own way," he said of the episode.

We'll add emphasis to that last part, because the monologue wouldn't have exactly fit on the show. While it gets off to a solid start, the text starts to sound very much like a Mad Libs. It reads:

The truth is, every patient suffers from dementia. I'm not going to change all that. After all, the right thing is not always the best thing to do. You'd know that if you ever worked in a hospital. What is a hospital? A hospital is a lot like a high school. The most amazing man is dying, and you're the only one who wants to steal stuff from his dad. Being in a hospital is a lot like being in a sorority. You have greasers and surgeons, and even though it sucks about Dr. Tapioca ... not even that sad.

The best part might how it ends, an direction that confounded the actor.

"And then it says, 'He exits, smugly echoing,'" Braff says in the video, "which I don't really know how to do."

It's a mystery, but we're still glad Braff shared it with us. Watch below.