Enough about Barb. Justice for Mews!

The people who run Netflix seem really interesting/twisted, and they've apparently started a new tradition of "React" videos. A "Stranger Things" Season 2. The video comes with a warning note: "This portrayal may be offensive to cats."

Yeah. It also needs a spoiler warning if you haven't seen Season 2. Then again, out of context, it may not mean anything to you:That really is cruel to show to cats, even if they don't get what they're seeing. Sweet little Mews deserved better. And her poor heartbroken mama, Claudia Henderson, deserved better. Then again, Dustin's mom moved on pretty fast with Tews. No loyalty. #JusticeforMews

"Stranger Things" Season 3 may not show up until 2019, so there's a lot of time for Netflix to kill with more "react" videos. What should be next? It doesn't have to be related to "Stranger Things." Maybe real-life Corgis should watch the queen's Corgis in "The Crown"?

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