The "Stargate" saga is going all the back to the beginning.

MGM released the first trailer for the digital prequel series to the movies and television franchise. Set in the 1930s, "Stargate Origins" centers on Catherine Langford (Ellie Gall), the daughter of Professor Paul Langford (Connor Trinneer), who discovers the mysterious artifact in Giza. Catherine teams up with various allies to unlock the secrets of the technology.

As we know from later movies, she studies the Stargate up until the original 1994 movie (where Catherine was played by Viveca Lindfors).

The trailer has a definite "Indiana Jones" vibe, as Catherine gets into hot water with various foes, gets out of it with the help of various allies, and gets stern talking-to's from her father.

The 10-episode series will stream exclusively on the new Stargate Command platform, beginning February 15.