Billie LourdBillie Lourd honored her late mother Carrie Fisher at the "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" premiere with a Leia-like updo, but it's not a look she wears if she wants to avoid being recognized.

Talking to THR, Lourd admits she still has no trouble attending regular screenings of the latest "Star Wars" Installment (in which she has a small role as Lieutenant Connix)... unless she wears her hair with a "Star Wars" twist.

"I can totally get away with it," the 25-year-old tells THR. "No one knows who I am. I am free at this point. Well, unless I have my hair in buns or braids."

Her much more famous mom (who passed away in December 2016) could never escape being recognized, she adds, even when the focus was on Lourd's TV series, 'Scream Queens' at Comic-Con. "She showed up with mismatched socks and hadn't brushed her hair, and she tried to get in, but everyone was like, 'There's Carrie Fisher!' She turned to me and was like, "I just want to watch 'Scream Queens'," recalls Lourd. "We tried to do the same thing with 'The Force Awakens,' but no chance."

Lourd played Manson Family member Linda Kasabian in "American Horror Story: Cult" and next appears in "Billionaire Boys Club."

[Via THR]