PITT-JAPAN-US-FILM"Game of Thrones" fandom -- at least when there's philanthropy involved.

The actor attended Sean Penn's annual gala supporting relief in Haiti at Milk Studios in Los Angeles on Saturday night, where he made a huge bid. During the auction, Pitt offered $120,000 to watch an episode -- one single episode -- of "Game of Thrones" with stars Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, according to Variety.

Both actors were at the event, so they got to witness it all. Funnily enough, Harington wasn't actually included in the original prize, which started at $20,000; the auctioneer got him to agree to join after Pitt had already bid $90,000. Once Harington committed, Pitt went up to $120,000. That was as high as he would go, though, and ultimately, some other "Game of Thrones" fan with deep pockets won by bidding $160,000.

Paying six figures might seem insane to even the most devoted "Game of Thrones" fans, but at least the attendees were bidding for a good cause. The event brought in $4 million for J/P Hatian Relief Organization and its nonprofit partner organizations, the Associated Press reports.