7th AACTA International Awards - ArrivalsHis confusion summed up so much, so well.

The 2018 Golden Globe Awards nominated Hugh Jackman for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy in "The Greatest Showman." He lost to James Franco for "The Disaster Artist."

While Franco was speaking -- and Tommy Wiseau was NOT speaking -- the cameras caught Jackman's open-mouthed expression. He could've been shocked that he lost. He could've been confused about Franco's speech. He could've been upset for Wiseau to be brushed off. It was the perfect tabula rasa for fans to interpret in their own ways -- and that they did, turning Jackman's expression into a meme:

Hugh Jackman's stunned face now joins Chrissy Teigen's cringe face from 2015, and Leonardo DiCaprio's eyebrow raise at Lady Gaga in 2016, on the list of top Golden Globes reactions. Congrats, man! You did win something!

Here's the full list of winners (and the nominees they beat).

[h/t: HuffPost]

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