73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press RoomThe Internet loves an awkward live reaction shot, and Leonardo DiCaprio delivered during last night's 2016 Golden Globe Awards. Leo was one of the night's big winners for "The Revenant," but many viewers were captivated by his brief brush-by with Lady Gaga when she was heading to the stage to accept her award for Best Actress in a Limited-Series or TV Movie for "American Horror Story: Hotel."

Here's what happened on her way to the stage:


The eyebrows! The moment instantly went viral, and Entertainment Tonight's Cameron Mathison asked Leo about it right after the show. "Oh lord – that's trending, huh?" Leo said. He offered a simple explanation: "I just didn't know what was passing me, that's all!"

So it wasn't anything personal to Lady Gaga, he just got caught in the same situation as a plane's aisle-seat passenger when the flight attendant walks by and kind of side-swipes your arm. The fact that it happened mid-laugh, when he was in the middle of reacting to something else, just makes it more classic. They could probably find a way to arrange the tables so it's not such a tight squeeze ... but nah. This makes it more fun.

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