Most of the "Stranger Things" cast and crew are "a lot more nervous" about Season 3. Not David Harbour, though. He told Collider that, once the Netflix series survived the "sophomore slump hurdle" of Season 2, he stopped worrying.

Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper, just had a great interview with Collider, talking not just about "Stranger Things" but also his upcoming work as the lead of "Hellboy."

Harbour was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work in "Stranger Things" Season 2. He didn't win that award, so ... no dance. He did, however, pick up a Critics' Choice Award a few days later.

The 23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Show​​​​​​He told Collider he's not sure when show creators Matt and Ross Duffer will have the team reunite to start filming "Stranger Things" Season 3: "I've heard rumors that it's supposed to be March or April, but I don't have a confirmation." There's also no premiere date, but he's the one who keeps warning us that it might be 2019 and not later this year.

Here's what David Harbour said specifically about the nerves behind-the-scenes when it comes to what's next in Season 3:

After you realized that the Duffers had pulled off a pretty great Season 2, and that fans of the series were still on board and still loving it, does that make you even more nervous about Season 3, or are you that much more confident in what the show can be?

"I've gotta say, I've talked to different people in the production and the cast, and they're a lot more nervous. I was much more nervous for Season 2. Season 2, to me, is the big sophomore slump hurdle. I loved True Detective so much in Season 1, and then when the Season 2 monstrosity came around, I was like, "What is this show?! What have you done to this show?!" For me, the big hurdle is having this lightning in a bottle moment, where the stars aligned and you created a beautiful, amazing show that people loved, and can you do it again? Once you do it a second time, it's smooth sailing from then on out. I'm not nervous. I'm in the minority of that, though. There are other people – and I won't name names – who are like, "The fans can turn on you! Look at what they're doing with Star Wars!" Apparently, they're upset about Star Wars. I just trust these guys.

The idea is to do four or five seasons, the Duffers have said, and I feel like, if we can do Season 2, we can do 3, 4 and 5 with no sweat. [...] I felt like they had to prove that we could do it again and open up the world, but once you open up the world, it's a buffet, going forward. I see it as an open buffet, as opposed to a burden. We can feed you guys so many wonderful things. We can now feed you so much stuff 'cause we opened the world."

He's right to be optimistic, but the others are right to worry about fans turning on them. Fans do that quite often -- and not just "Star Wars" fans "The Walking Dead" is in that boat now. It isn't sinking, but it's taking on water.) Fans are fickle.

Read more for Harbour's sweet words about fellow cast members, including Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers) and his beloved Joe Keery (Steve Harrington). He also jokes about rebooting Indiana Jones, but he might be only half-joking.

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