David Harbour is a good friend. And friends don't lie.

"Stranger Things" hasn't started taping Season 3 yet, so the stars have more free time to dominate awards show red carpets and do crazy fan stuff like this.

David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper) has a great relationship with his fans. He promised to do Hopper's dad dance if he won the Golden Globe Award, and he probably would've done it if the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had obliged him with votes. Proving he is true to his word on another front, Harbour fulfilled a promise he made to a high school senior to take school portraits with her if she got enough retweets.

Here's the story, which started in late October 2017, right after the Netflix premiere of Season 2...

As you can see by the number of retweets to her post, it worked.

Fast-forward to January 2018...

And here they are, the greatest senior portraits the Upside Down has ever seen:

So cool. Of course, the danger of this from a celeb perspective is that it sets a precedent. It's like promposals -- once you accept one, it sets a bar for you and other celebs to accept more requests and proposals. And if you say no, you often get shamed for being bad to your fans. (Remember what happened to Finn Wolfhard?)

So while it's awesome that Harbour did this, don't go expecting everyone to do it. It was a shooting star she happened to catch at just the right time.

The "Stranger Things" fam will be back together this weekend (Sunday, Jan. 21) for the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Don't expect them to tell you too much about Season 3 since they apparently don't know what will happen. Harbour did say he thought they'd start filming in March or April, but it wasn't confirmed.

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