US-POLITICS-TRUMP-BANNON-BOOKThe Trump administration isn't going to like this: Plans for a TV series based on Michael Wolff's best-selling Donald Trump tell-all are already in the works, according to THR.

Trump's team tried to block the book, "Fire and Fury," from being published in January, but the publisher, Henry Holt and Co., only pushed up its release date. The book hit shelves on Jan. 5 and its first two days of sales alone were enough to put it on The New York Times' weekly best seller list. Interest has been so high that the publishing company announced "Fire and Fury" was its fastest-selling nonfiction book ever. Not surprisingly, the frenzy hasn't gone unnoticed in the worlds of movies and television. Endeavor Content reportedly stuck a deal "in the seven-figure range" for the film and TV rights, and as THR reports, is now looking to shop a TV project.

Assuming the series does come to fruition, it's one we're sure the president won't want to watch; he has tweeted that Wolff is "a total loser" and insisted that the book is "really boring and untruthful."

So far, the project is in its early stages, so we'll have to wait and see what becomes of it.