HBO's Night Of Too Many Stars: America Unites For Autism ProgramsJ.J. Abrams is boldly going where he's gone before — television.

The writer/director/producer is developing a sci-TV drama, according to The Hollywood Reporter. If it gets a green light, it would be the first show he wrote and created since 2008's "Fringe." Currently, Apple and HBO are both reportedly interested in the project, which is being produced by his Warner Bros.-based Bad Robot banner.

The untitled series is a family drama about a scientist, her husband, and their daughter who are involved in a car crash that lands the mother in a coma. The daughter begins digging through her mother's experiments in the basement and ends up journeying to another world, which is in the midst of a huge battle with an alien force. The father also is transported to the new land.

Abrams began his career as the creator or co-creator of iconic shows like "Lost," "Felicity," and "Alias." While he hasn't created a show since "Fringe," his hands are on many shows as a producer, including HBO's "Westworld."

Of course, in the past decade, he has been busy as a movie director. He's involved with both the "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" franchises, and is set to direct the upcoming "Episode IX."