Get out your diary, because you're going to want to commemorate a big event: The redband trailer for "Heathers" is here.

Like the 1988 cult comedy it is loosely based on, the upcoming series is dark and twisted. It centers on Veronica (Grace Victoria Cox), a member of her school's most popular clique who secretly hates her friends, all of whom are named Heather. After she meets new student J.D. (James Scully), she gets involved in some dangerous games.

Although the series has a lot in common with the movie, there are also big changes. As we see in the trailer, the story takes place at a modern-day high school and the old stereotypes about popular kids don't hold true. One familiar face, however, is original star Shannen Doherty, who previously played Heather Chandler but now takes on a new and "pivotal" role. She makes an appearance in the trailer, as does Selma Blair, who plays the wicked stepmother of Heather Duke (Brendan Scannell).

Watch the trailer below. (Warning: It's NSFW.)

If ever there was a reason to step away from your croquet game, it's "Heathers." The show starts streaming March 7 on Paramount Network.