Oscar nod for her scene-stealing role in "Girls Trip," but came up short when the nominations were announced on Tuesday morning. The snub was probably doubly disappointing for Haddish, since she was co-hosting the announcement press conference, alongside Andy Serkis. But the comedian's hilarious commentary (and less-than-correct pronunciations of nominees' names) throughout the presentation ensured that she still came out a winner.

Haddish wasted no time in making an impression, striking a sultry pose after Academy president John Bailey handed over the mic. The actress clearly had a lot of fun with her duties, inserting quips and adding some extra flair to just about every line reading (a special shout-out to the way she said "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," "Call Me by Your Name," and "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri").

Mercifully, Haddish didn't have to be the one to announce her own category snub, but she didn't let her lack of a nomination spoil her good time, continuing on to banter with Serkis, play off the crowd, and completely mangle the names of the producers of "Call Me By Your Name." As for Best Actor nominee Daniel KallelujahKahlua Kaluuya -- well, as Haddish put it, "He know his name."

Though there were some naysayers, Haddish mostly won over the internet with her hilarious vamping and flubs. And even one of her pronunciation victims, Best Adapted Screenplay nominee Michael Weber, had nothing but love for the comedian.

Check out the entire press conference below. And keep your fingers crossed that Haddish also makes an appearance on the Oscars telecast, too. Is it too late to just have her host?

[h/t Time]