Henry Cavill, do you have thoughts on this?

"Deadpool 2" just released another trailer: It's a 2-minute video called "Deadpool, Meet Cable," focused on introducing Josh Brolin's Cable. However, there's only 1 minute of real movie footage -- at the start and end of the video. After the first 30 seconds, Deadpool literally pauses the screen to call out the green suit covering Cable's arm.

Deadpool: "No stop. What in the actual ass? Dale, why aren't the visual effects done? It's a metal arm. It's not like we're trying to remove a mustache!"

Oof. Take that, "Justice League"/"Mission: Impossible - 6" MustacheGate!

Deadpool decides "f*ck it," he'll do it himself. So he recreates a Cable/Deadpool scene with action figures and cardboard cutouts. (Don't miss the subtle Thanos Easter eggs, as a nod to Josh Brolin's Marvel Cinematic Universe character.) After about a minute of that, they go back to the rest of the "real" trailer:Here are Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin both promoting the clip:

Hey Smart Ass, meet Bad Ass. Link in Bio. #Cable #Deadpool @vancityreynolds

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"Deadpool 2" -- costarring Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, and Brianna Hildebrand -- opens May 18th.

But speaking of Henry Cavill's un-shave-able "M:I6" mustache: The Superman star said his mustache has taken over his Instagram account, so it has basically taken on a life of its own.

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