Before joining the royal family, "Suits" one behind -- but not without some touching moments.

Markle's co-star Wendell Pierce, who played her character's father, Robert Zane, had a unique vantage point as the actress's relationship with Prince Harry flourished and eventually lead her to leave the show. When her time on "Suits" came to an end, they had to say their goodbyes, and based on his account, it sounds like a really sweet farewell.

"I had a really wonderful moment as we were coming to an end of her time on the show," Pierce told "Harry" host Harry Connick Jr. on his talk show, according to EW. "It was just she and I in the room and I said, 'I know your life is going to change but always know, no matter where you are, I will always be your loving fake father.'"

And in case that wasn't heartwarming enough, Pierce also tweeted warm wishes to the future princess and her prince on Twitter after their engagement was announced, offering Robert Zane's blessing.

Pierce joined "Suits" in Season 2, meaning he played Markle's TV dad for five seasons. He doesn't know yet if that will get him an invitation to the royal wedding, but either way, it sounds like he will be cheering her on.