Marvel Studios' "Black Panther" is a special movie and the folks at Mondo knew that it deserved a special poster.

Mondo is an Austin, Texas-based company that specializes in the coolest-of-the-cool pop culture posters, apparel, collectibles and more (seriously, just look at their tiki mugs) and they're putting out a limited edition "Black Panther" poster that we couldn't be more thrilled to debut.

The poster, by comic book artist Denys Cowan, is regal and unique. (Cowan drew the character for a run of comics in the late 1980s.) T'Challa's back is turned, looking out across the futuristic Wakanda, while vines grip and embroider the frame. It's awesome.

We got a chance to speak to Cowan about the project, which he said was done, "months and months ago," before he had seen the film. "All I could do with the poster was look at some of the images that had been released and try to find a little bit about the storyline and basically, go to the essence of what the comic book was about and what the movie could be about," Cowan explained.

The concept behind the poster was presenting something that was unexpected. "You can find a lot of posters with the Black Panther in action or with the Black Panther leaping around and posing or punching. And what we wanted to do was show him in a quiet, tense pose because you know that he could do all of these things. You already know that. You're good," Cowan said. He went on: "This is on a different vibe. This is a different type of thing."

It is a different type of thing. And it's something that Cowan hopes people respond to. When we asked him if there was anything else he wanted to get across about his poster, he said, simply, "I hope they buy it and hang it up. When I thought about the poster I thought, What would I think is dope? I can show this to my grandparents and they'd say, 'this is great,' and I'd show it to my friends and they'd say, 'that's dope!' That's what I was going for. I hope everybody that buys it, enjoys it." Well, that seems like a foregone conclusion.

Details (for both the poster and some killer new pins) and additional images below. All of these will be available at a random time on Friday 2/16.

Black Panther Poster by Denys Cowan

24" x 36" Screen Print, Edition of 375

Black Panther Enamel Pin by Matt Taylor - $10.00
1.1" high hard enamel pin designed by Matt Taylor. Single-post on shiny silver metal with butterfly clutch backing.

Killmonger Enamel Pin by Matt Taylor - $10.00
1.15" high hard enamel pin with lithograph print designed by Matt Taylor. Single-post on shiny gold metal with butterfly clutch backing.