Spoiler alert: This won't make much sense to anyone who watched them on "The Bachelor Winter Games."

"The Bachelor" spinoff/Olympic counter-programming only taped a total of four episodes, plus a Tell All, which is definitely not enough international secondhand embarrassment for one year. We could've used at least another week of the show, especially since two ... contestants? ... apparently got engaged at the pre-taped Tell All and it's going to come out of left field.

We'll see the engagement play out in the last segment of "The Bachelor Winter Games" Tell All special, which was taped last week and airs this Thursday, Feb. 22, after the finale.

Spoiler king Reality Steve "The Bachelor" Season 18 runner-up Clare Crawley gets engaged to bespectacled "The Bachelor Canada" suitor Benoit Beausejour-Savard.

Clare and Benoit initially had a strong connection, but she dumped him in Episode 2 'cause she wasn't feeling it and didn't want to force it.

Benoit wasn't interested in any of the other Winter Games hotties, so he left. Clare then flirted and clashed with German jacuzzi fanatic Christian. She knew she let a good one go in Benoit, but she also knew she wasn't connecting with him on a romantic level. Apparently things changed after the show?

Here's Reality Steve's breakdown of that part of the Tell All:

"Last segment, they brought Clare up on stage. They showed her highlight package and it was clips from all the seasons she's been on the show.

Chris Harrison then brought up that she was in love, and for that person to stand up and Benoit comes to the stage. They talked about their relationship, and played a video of them in Sacramento in a park drinking champagne. They didn't specifically say how many times they've seen each since filming, but have spent a lot of hours FaceTiming. Basically, after the show ended filming, Benoit texted Clare to see how she was doing, they reconnected at that point, and they've been together ever since. For those that are unaware, filming ended about a week before Christmas. So they've been together a couple months now.

Benoit proposes to Clare and she says yes."

So they've been dating for two months, we didn't see any of it, and now they're engaged. OK. Whatever. If she's happy, and he's happy, and Yuki's happy doing whatever she is doing, that's all that matters. #YukiforTheBachelorette

Here are more Tell All spoilers on who is still dating whom.

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