The path to politics has gone through Hollywood once again.

Stacey Dash, one of the stars of the iconic '90s teen comedy "Clueless," has been vocal about burning issues such as race, education, and crime. Now, after toying with the idea of running for office, she has apparently made the decision to go for it. Dash filed paperwork to run for a seat in the California House of Representatives, Variety reports. She hopes to represent the 44th district, which includes North Long Beach, San Pedro, Watts, and Compton.

Dash, a Republican, made it clear in early February that she was getting more serious about running when she tweeted that she was "[mulling] possibilities" and asked for her online community's thoughts about her launching a bid. Within a couple of weeks, she started to drop hints that an announcement could be coming, writing, "Things are taking shape" on Feb. 22 and "Soon" the following day. On Feb. 26, she got more specific and promised "formal statements" soon. Her tweet added that she wants to "serve great people" and that it was "time for [her] ... to put up or shut up."

Dash has proven controversial over the years. She caused a stir, for example, when she spoke out against Black History Month. As such, the response to her entry into politics has predictably been mixed, with some people thrilled and others appalled.

Dash may have an uphill battle ahead of her, as the seat she's running for is currently held by Democrat Nanette Barragán. Either way, it looks like she's going for it.