"Fuller House" Season 4 is starting production "pretty soon," "Full House" creator Jeff Franklin.

After what Variety described as "numerous complaints about Franklin's behavior," Warner Bros. TV issued a statement saying they would not renew his production deal, and "he will no longer be working on 'Fuller House."

Candace Cameron Bure talked to ET about heading back to work soon for Season 4, and they asked her for reaction to Franklin being dismissed from the show. Here's what she said:

"Jeff is a dear friend and he's been a wonderful showrunner and he will be sorely missed from all of us. But the show must go on. We'll do that and we hope that we will have a great season."

The show has gone on without him before. Franklin left "Full House" as showrunner after Season 5 to work on "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper." Last year, Franklin told CinemaBlend that the first episode of "Fuller House" was like his last episode of "Full House," since he wasn't happy with the way the original show ended:

"I do regret that I didn't stay involved with 'Full House' for its entire run. I was a little mystified at some of the creative decisions that got made in my absence. Some of the things that I'm doing on 'Fuller House' sort-of try to address some of the missteps that I think the show took in its last couple of years and get back to where I feel the show should be."

After the news of his departure was revealed, Jeff Franklin shared an Instagram post with his "Fuller House" stars:

But the show must go on.

Candace Cameron Bure told E! she wants even more heartwarming content in Season 4:

"What's most important to me is as much fun as we have on that show, it's always about the heart and lessons that are learned as families. I really want to make sure we bring that in in Season 4, even more than we have in any other season."

Netflix hasn't set a premiere date yet for Season 4.

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