Minnesotans might be known for being polite and friendly, but they won't let you get away with hurting one of their own.

After "The Bachelor" Season 22 by throwing over his fiancée, Minnesota native Becca Nufrin, he shocked viewers everywhere, including Rep. Drew Christensen. The state lawmaker joined the outraged masses on Twitter on March 5, and tweeted an offer to author a bill banning Luyendyk from the North Star State. He did have a condition, though: 10,000 retweets.

Christensen's suggestion struck a chord. Not only did he rapidly get the 10,000 retweets he requested, he exceeded it. The state representative followed up just over an hour later to let the public know that the bill was in the works. He even tossed out the idea of inviting Nufrin to attend the upcoming Minnesota State of the State Address, which is set for next week.

Christensen was serious about doing what he promised. He showed off the bill Wednesday via another tweet.

While many people were clearly amused by Christensen's stunt, others were less than impressed. Some people pointed out that reality TV should hardly be his concern right now considering the real issues affecting his constituents.

In spite of the criticism, Christensen stood by his actions. He explained to Pioneer Press that it was in part a "fun, tongue-in-cheek thing" but also a "very good lesson in civic engagement" via social media.

Christensen doesn't actually expect Luyendyk to be banned from Minnesota, but at least the idea kept many of us entertained.

[h/t: EW]