The "Scandal" cast has already filmed the series finale, and the goodbye process is well underway.

ABC kept the emotional experience going on Wednesday when it released a retrospective. The video looks back at the drama's seven seasons and, of course, heightens all the sentiments fans are already coping with as we approach the end of the series.

"There's not a single feeling I haven't had about the show ending," Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia, says in the video.

"I think I'm sort of in denial about the final day on set," Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) adds, presumably in an interview filmed before production wrapped.

What's really special in the retrospective is how it highlights the cast's bond and their gratitude for their fans. It's clear that they credit their Gladiators for keeping the show going for so long. If you've stuck with "Scandal" over the years, you definitely have their thanks.

And don't think this video overlooks our questions about how the series will conclude and whether or not we can expect happy endings. It might not offer answers, but it does tease different ways the finale could play out.

"I think Jake would like to be back on the island with Olivia," Scott Foley says of his character and Washington's.

"No," Goldwyn, who plays Jake's romantic rival, says. "I think Olivia's one true love is Fitz."

Watch the moving retrospective below.

"Scandal" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, with the finale set for April 19.