After more than six weeks in theaters, "Black Panther" has continued to claw its way up the box office charts, slashing countless records and surpassing some pretty formidable film foes. But now, the Marvel flick has ascended into some truly elite territory: It's officially become one of the 10 highest-grossing movies of all time worldwide.

"Black Panther" has raked in more than $1.277 billion at the global box office since its mid-February release, just enough to bump fellow Disney property "Frozen" from the number 10 spot. Sorry, Anna and Elsa, but your (comparitively) paltry $1.276 billion showing just can't compete with T'Challa and co.

The flick is also faring even better stateside, with its domestic haul of $650.9 million currently ranking it as the fifth highest-grossing film of all time in North America. And it seems all but certain to overtake the number four spot (currently held by "Jurassic World" and its dino-sized $652 million total) any day now.

"Black Panther" has become a true cultural phenomenon, connecting with audiences around the globe and generating a deafening buzz that any studio would kill for. At this point, it would only be surprising if the flick didn't make any more money. Its box office reign may be wrapping up (especially with the release of fellow MCU property "Avengers: Infinity War" looming), but we're betting it still has a few more surprises up its sleeve.

[via: Box Office Mojo]