The end is very, very near, so Fox is getting us ready for "New Girl" Season 7.

The network released a new clip via EW on Monday, just a day before the premiere of the comedy's final season. With Season 7 picking up three years after the events of Season 6, we have some catching up to do on the gang's lives, and the clip gave us some important intel. Jess (Zooey Deschanel), it seems, has been making some bad decisions.

The clip opens with Jess chatting with Cece (Hannah Simone), and she's wearing a new nose ring -- one she considers a mistake. And it turns out there's more: Jess also has a misspelled tattoo to show off, too. However, Cece, like us, is curious about more than just new ink. She wants to know what's going on with her friend and Nick (Jake Johnson), but their conversation in interrupted when one of Jess's exes shows up.

Watch below.

Is that relationship drama we smell? It very well could be.

"New Girl" Season 7 premieres April 10 on Fox.